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Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
Date started: June 2007 | Date released: December 19, 2007

Working as an intern for the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra based in San Francisco, I was asked to undertake a complete redesign of their existing website at the time. This previous site was an expedient layout in stark white without a complex structure and unable to expand into the areas that they wanted to explore for their devoted audience. Topics like descriptions and photographs of their original 17th and 18th century instruments or explanation of their youth-oriented programs could not be adequately defined.

My design solution contrasted dramatically to their original online presence by incorporating rich warm saturated colours complementing dramatic photographs of their Baroque era instruments, suggesting the richness of style and dress of that period.

The navigation interface was also redesigned to better categorize and reorganize their topic pages, while I added drop-down menus to simplify the user experience of the site.

An additional new category that I implemented was a pre-concert “Prelude Podcast” section for which I interviewed musicians, the conductor Nicholas McGegan, and other notable artists and experts in Baroque music. These podcasts developed from topical interviews to an audio collage of music snippets, quotes, observations and personal insights of the musicians and artists, with my own questions and voice-over guiding the production.