The Fog Typography Vote

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on May 29, 2008 - 08:23 PM

Looking at The Fog website one day, I wondered, being the typography lover that I am: should I be using left-aligned type, or justified type, like in the columns on a newspaper?

I thought about it, and decided that since I designed The Fog for user-created content, why shouldn't you have a right to decide?

Submit your vote now by clicking on your preferred option below.

Should The Fog use left-aligned or justified type?

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Student Senate Candidate Interviews 2008

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Apr 29, 2008 - 01:21 PM

From here you can access the full interview of each candidate. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by the position they are running for. Enjoy!

Presidential Candidates:

Olivia Bronson (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Frances Cameron (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Kayla Conti (interviewed by Max Meyers)
Aki Gormezano (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Brennan Pickman-Thoon (interviewed by Forest Kerstetter)
Eli Smith (interviewed by Max Chanowitz)

Vice Presidential Candidates:

Mickey Capper (interviewed by Max Meyers)
Allie Doyle (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Luke Frisher (interviewed by Max Chanowitz)
Josh Hornthal (interviewed by Forest Kerstetter)
Alanah Joseph (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Adrian St. Francis

Spirit Captain Candidates:

Matt Gibbs and Teddy Barger
Eli Van Wing and Taylor Kinney (interviewed by Forest Kerstetter)

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Send Your Minicourse Articles

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Mar 02, 2008 - 11:42 PM

Well, minicourse has just ended, and now you can submit articles about your minicourse experience to The Fog. Pictures may say a thousand words, but what better way to tell other students how you spent your week than using actual words?

Tell us what you did on one day, or on every day. Write about anything that was even remotely meaningful to you during the week. Whether or not you had fun on minicourse, tell us what happened and we’ll be sure to publish it here on The Fog.

Once you’ve finished writing your article, submit it along with your name and email address by clicking the Contact link on the left.

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One Act Festival Caption Contest

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Nov 22, 2007 - 01:07 AM

Fill in captions for The Fog’s selection of One Act Festival photos, taken by Julian Jensen. See page 3 of the pdf download version. Submit your caption ideas by clicking HERE (04.21.2008 the Caption Contest has been closed. Thank you for participating!).

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Writer Application

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Sep 14, 2007 - 11:26 AM

* Update: the writer application has now been fixed. Please click here to apply to become a writer for The Fog.

It has come to my attention that the application to become a writer for The Fog is currently inactive. This problem should be rectified by between 4:30p and 7:30p this evening. Sorry for the interruption, and thank you for your patience.

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The Fog News

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Sep 12, 2007 - 11:42 PM

This column is currently dedicated to news articles relating to The Fog and what’s going on at The Fog offices. For now, you can read about The Fog’s release by opening the article to the left of this one, or by clicking here.

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Student Senate Candidate Interview 2008: Olivia Bronson (President)

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Apr 29, 2008 - 06:58 PM

What’s important to you at Marin Academy?

It’s hard to single it out, but one of the most important things is the people. I absolutely love the people at MA, and the sheer diversity in terms of people’s individual spirits, and what they’re intersted in. I really have a wide range of friends and friend groups, just because I love dappling in people’s personalities. I also love working with the teachers here. I consider some of them my closest friends even, so definitely people: students and teachers. That is my primary love of this school.

What would you bring to the office of the President, to bring to the people at MA?

I believe that I bring a lot of energy; a lot of enthusiasm and fun. Whenever I’m in leadership talks, and people ask what kind of leader I am, I really pride myself on saying that I’m fun and energetic and enthusiastic about taking on this role, and leading people who I feel passionately about, and this school which I feel passionately about. I’m also a really meticulous organizer. That’s definitely something that I bring. Yes, I’m very organized, but I’m also a pretty laid back person. I feel that we need to enjoy this time, and make it as great as it can possibly be for a high school experience. Although I haven’t necessarily been on Senate before, I think that I do have the capacity to take the leadership role in this community. I also think that I would be able to, kind of, unify the school, in a sense—I mean it sounds kind of weird for me to say that, because I don’t really like bragging about abilities I have. But I think that, with the fact that I’m friends with people in all grades, I could really bring spirit and unity to our student body, in terms of reaching out and making sure I’m hearing all voices from all areas.

Does this mean you would be involving students, or the student body in the Senate?

Yes, part of what I want to do is set up forums, either once a month, or once every couple of months, wherever we can fit it in so that I can just hear students and what they’re thinking (questions, or input). I really love listening, I prefer listening for a long time before speaking and I think, in order for me to be a successful I personnally need a lot of people’s input. Just to make sure I hear people from all grades—different perspectives—and bringing that to how I lead, and what I want to implement, what I want to keep the same, satisfying as many people as I possibly can.

I was wondering why you actually decided to run for President.

Part of it is definitely the experience. Just, to put myself out there, and go for this leadership role—I think it would be really fun (that was also another thing). I feel, with where I’m at right now in my high school career, and in my life, I feel like it’s time to take on this role, and this challenge. I feel like it would be a really good thing for me to do, and that I could be successful at it. That’s kind of why: fun, experience, challenge, bringing creativity and myself to this school in another way.

You mentioned the forums that you intend to implement, and listening to what the students have to say. Are there any other changes that you would decide to implement?

There is a ton of change at MA, in terms of having three heads of school in three years, and the change is really undeniable, but at the same time I think it’s so important to maintain MA’s traditions, in a sense. I want to embrace the changes that are happening, and evolving naturally, and at the same time hold on to MA traditions to bring that part of our identity in with the change. In that regard, I don’t really have big plans for change by any means. I think even just, keeping up the snowball, and, Circle Day, and things that add to our identity as a whole. Part of my ideas would definitely come from students. I think community events such as Green Fest, that we had recently are just, fantastic in getting the whole community together. So, I think more ideas like that, and also keeping up traditions is really what I’m all about, and what I want to bring to this position.

I was wondering what distinguishes you from the other candidates? Why should students vote for you as opposed to someone else?

I think everyone who’s running is extremely qualified—that part is definitely undeniable. I think for me, what’s unique is that I really care about having fun, and bringing creativity. I think we should stress out way less than we do, and instead embrace this wonderful place that is Marin Academy. So I think a balanced person leading the school is definitely key. I’m also really really passionate about being President of MA. That’s what I want to do, and I think my passion will come through, with my care for getting things done as well as communicating and being connected with the student body.

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