The Fog Typography Vote

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on May 29, 2008 - 08:23 PM

Looking at The Fog website one day, I wondered, being the typography lover that I am: should I be using left-aligned type, or justified type, like in the columns on a newspaper?

I thought about it, and decided that since I designed The Fog for user-created content, why shouldn't you have a right to decide?

Submit your vote now by clicking on your preferred option below.

Should The Fog use left-aligned or justified type?

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Student Senate Candidate Interviews 2008

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Apr 29, 2008 - 01:21 PM

From here you can access the full interview of each candidate. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by the position they are running for. Enjoy!

Presidential Candidates:

Olivia Bronson (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Frances Cameron (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Kayla Conti (interviewed by Max Meyers)
Aki Gormezano (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Brennan Pickman-Thoon (interviewed by Forest Kerstetter)
Eli Smith (interviewed by Max Chanowitz)

Vice Presidential Candidates:

Mickey Capper (interviewed by Max Meyers)
Allie Doyle (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Luke Frisher (interviewed by Max Chanowitz)
Josh Hornthal (interviewed by Forest Kerstetter)
Alanah Joseph (interviewed by Teddy Wing)
Adrian St. Francis

Spirit Captain Candidates:

Matt Gibbs and Teddy Barger
Eli Van Wing and Taylor Kinney (interviewed by Forest Kerstetter)

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Send Your Minicourse Articles

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Mar 02, 2008 - 11:42 PM

Well, minicourse has just ended, and now you can submit articles about your minicourse experience to The Fog. Pictures may say a thousand words, but what better way to tell other students how you spent your week than using actual words?

Tell us what you did on one day, or on every day. Write about anything that was even remotely meaningful to you during the week. Whether or not you had fun on minicourse, tell us what happened and we’ll be sure to publish it here on The Fog.

Once you’ve finished writing your article, submit it along with your name and email address by clicking the Contact link on the left.

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One Act Festival Caption Contest

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Nov 22, 2007 - 01:07 AM

Fill in captions for The Fog’s selection of One Act Festival photos, taken by Julian Jensen. See page 3 of the pdf download version. Submit your caption ideas by clicking HERE (04.21.2008 the Caption Contest has been closed. Thank you for participating!).

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Writer Application

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Sep 14, 2007 - 11:26 AM

* Update: the writer application has now been fixed. Please click here to apply to become a writer for The Fog.

It has come to my attention that the application to become a writer for The Fog is currently inactive. This problem should be rectified by between 4:30p and 7:30p this evening. Sorry for the interruption, and thank you for your patience.

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The Fog News

Written by Teddy Wing | Posted on Sep 12, 2007 - 11:42 PM

This column is currently dedicated to news articles relating to The Fog and what’s going on at The Fog offices. For now, you can read about The Fog’s release by opening the article to the left of this one, or by clicking here.

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Student Senate Candidate Interview 2008: Eli Van Wing and Taylor Kinney (Spirit Captains)

Written by | Posted on Apr 29, 2008 - 06:47 PM

What do you value here at MA?

Eli: A wide diversity of powerful, and intellectual beings, every single one of whom will one day make their mark on this world, and rise into the Heavens, shouting glory unto thy name!

Taylor: I love all the people here, and that I guess is one of the reasons why I’m running for Spirit Captain, along with being sidekick to His Craziness, Eli.

Eli: You don’t have to be sidekick.

Taylor: All right, well, part of the duo. The crazy duo. I love how nice people are. It brightens my day.

Why did you decide to run for Spirit Captains?

Eli: I am already doing the job of Spirit Captain, and I figure, if I’m already doing it, then having the actual title will square my spirit capabilities. And then, I will be able to take all the people, and make them so happy that they can’t help but get straight A’s.

Taylor: I hadn’t even thought about running for Spirit Captain, but Eli called me, and asked me if I was interested, and I thought it was a grand idea.

What specific plans would you have in terms of in terms of increasing school spirit, or making spirit events at Marin Academy more fun?

Eli: Well, we are going to continue the tradition of having the school competing against each other, because competition is, really, all the fun in the world.

Would that be the Red vs. Black idea?

Eli: No, that’s just too bland.

Taylor: We were going to do that, but even better, even crazier and even cooler. We were thinking of a Monty Python and the Holy Grail medieval-type theme, so maybe magicians and warriors, or in any case something awesome.

Eli: And, we are certainly going to bring back the tradition from two years ago of a pillow fight, a school-wide pillow fight. It’s just too good to refuse.

Taylor: Most definitely.

Do you feel that you would do a better job than the other candidates who are running?

Eli: Oh, most certainly. Their spiritiness is—they’re midgets in comparison to us.

Taylor: You need enthusiasm, and dedication, so that you’ll actually be responsible and get things done.

Eli: If you vote for them, there’s a chance that while they may be spirited, they may not do much. But we will! We have the dedication.

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